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Pyramid = Dead Horse

Résidence La Pyramide, Foix
Foix.  Unless you're a Medievalist, you may never have heard of it.  But Foix dates back to the time of Charlemagne, and its rulers, the Counts of Foix, once ruled a County larger than the Kingdom of France....and were certainly more powerful.  That is, until they weren't.  Simon de Montfort, dickhead supreme, never took its famous castle.  As we still happily celebrate in these parts, Old Simon got his head crushed by a stone flung from the ramparts of Toulouse, from a catapult operated by women, so they say, during another of his unsuccessful sieges.  Fortunately for the Toulousains.  "Kill 'em and let God sort 'em out"?  That's a paraphrase from de Montfort, who put some 20+ thousand residents of Béziers to the sword after he captured that unfortunate burg.

Foix is well-known to French kids due to the following lil' ditty, which is a way of illustrating the weirdness of French:  four spellings, four different meanings, with the same pronunciation:

Il était une fois,
Dans la ville de Foix,
Une marchande de foie,
Qui vendait du foie...
Elle se dit : Ma foi,
C'est la première fois
Et la dernière fois,
Que je vends du foie,
Dans la ville de Foix

In English is makes less sense, but this is what it means:

Once upon a time
In the town of Foix
A liver merchant
Selling liver [like, duh!]
Said to himself:  My lord
This is the first time
And the last time
That I sell liver
In the town of Foix

Foix is a sub-Prefecture of the Ariège, a mountainous department on the Spanish border.  It's coat of arms features red and yellow stripes, resembling that of both Catalonia and Aragon.  Historically, this area has longer links with Spain than France.  It's deep in Occitan country, not far from Montségur, where the Albigensian Crusade came to its horrible end as hundreds of "heretical" Cathars were burned alive, en masse.

There are also caves galore around here, a paleolithic paradise.  People have been living here for a very, very long time.

Monuments aux Morts, Foix

Anyway, I just wanted to show a photo of an HLM, or public housing building, called "The Pyramid" with a pyramid-shaped entrance, just down the road from the WW1 monument, an obelisk, which marks the entrance of Foix's town center.  As the title of this post suggests, I've flogged this topic a lot, but it never ceases to amaze me how the French still work the pyramid into their architecture in all sorts of contexts:  parks, monuments, border crossings and here, public housing.  I'm not sure I even need to go into the irony of using a pyramid in the design of public housing.

So, follow my tag for "pyramids" and you'll find more discussion.  At this point, I'm just cataloging examples.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Revelation of the Method

With the exception of my introduction, coda and a few comments in the text itself, this post is a reprint of a post from Skilluminati Research, a blog that delves sensibly into conspiracies both real....and imagined. As the author puts it:

Skilluminati Research is devoted to unraveling the system of social control in the Western World. This is not motivated by fear, moral outrage or a desire to "expose the truth" -- I'm just curious about how The Machine works. Here, I study the past century of overlapping currents in economics, behavioral psychology, education policy, marketing and persuasion, media theory, classified technology, and the operations of intelligence agencies. We study the current landscape of computerized surveillance, decentralized warfare, asymmetric conflicts, disaster capitalism, and "Psychological Operations." 

I first referred to the Skilluminati's The Revelation of the Method in 2011 ("Their ashes were then ground up and dumped into the Seine, so as to leave no relics behind.") and had cause to refer to it once again in my last post, about the move Frozen (Queens of the Ice Age).  The second time I cited it, I got the notion that I'd like to reprint the post in full, so I contacted Skilluminati and explained why.  This is an edited version of what I wrote [Bracketed small italics not included]:

I write a blog with a friend called Laws of Silence.  We write about all sorts of things.  I personally focus on folklore and history, folk saints, church architecture, etc., but occasionally we (my partner and I) venture into areas that might be labeled "conspiracy theory" and even "synchromysticism".  Usually we’re a bit ironic with these latter two.  I rarely venture into synchromystic territory without evoking apophenia, the Baader-Meinhoff Phenomenon, confirmation bias etc., so, I’m not a wild-eyed "true believer".

Like many people interested in synchromystic-style conspiracy theory, I came to the subject via Burroughs (the 23 enigma, specifically), the Principia Discordia, and especially R. A. Wilson [His Cosmic Trigger series--especially tome I--and Illuminatus! trilogy are must-reads for anyone interested in the topic].  There is also a healthy dose of Surrealism and Stimes Addisson in my approach.  King Kill-33 was something that blew my mind and, once read, the effect it had on me could not be undone. 

[King Kill-33 is by one James Shelby Downard, but it is more akin to Hoffman's work in Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare than Downard's awful The Carnivals of Life and Death; I want to say say "allegedly" because although Hoffman and Feral House publisher Adam Parfrey claim to have met the man, and although I have no reason to believe these men are lying, I still wonder if we're being hoaxed.  One of the two known photos of Downard seems like a fake and Adam Gorightly's extremely disappointing "biography" turns up nothing new or concrete about the man.  Which is par for the courseDr. Richard B. Spence, used public records to prove that Downard did, in fact, exist and presents more verifiable information in one short article than Gorightly manages in one short book, largely cribbed from other sources and barely about Downard at all....  So, with Spence's lengthy-enough citation of public records, why do I still have doubts?] 

I am also pretty familiar with Michael Hoffman.  I find him extremely intelligent, and he writes well-researched work, but still, he comes across as a mad hatter.  I’m just not down with his extreme right program, especially his obsession with the evils presented by whom he calls “Judaics” and "sodomites"-- sometimes both for the same person.  My latest post is a jest about the film Frozen, which a couple of religious folks (a Mormon and an Evangelical) have decried as a kind of homosexual indoctrination tool.  I ran with the idea one night, a bit drunk, and popped out (perhaps "pooped out") an absurd text on the same theme.  Previous posts were about bell towers in the Southwest of France.  So you can see, my topics are varied. 

What I want to reproduce is your text on the Revelation of the Method.  I could simply review it and link to it, but when I initially contacted you I was all keen to reproduce it on my blog.  I can see why you might not want that.  I figured though, that whatever “regular” readers I might have would be more likely to read the entire thing if it were on my blog as opposed to something I linked to.  I’m actually not sure that's true and I don’t have that many readers anyway.  Perhaps 150 hits a day or so, according to the blogger stats.  I really like your post, the best thing I’ve read on the topic.  So many people evoke the “Revelation of the Method” without knowing exactly where it comes from!  I’ve argued with people about confirmation bias and synchronicity and they write me off as simply “not getting it, man."  My hope is that by re-printing your article, more people might read it and because quite frankly, you’ve expressed your critique better than I, all in one place, as opposed to scattered across several posts. 

It’s a great article, an antidote to the synchromystic/twilight language virus which, though valid in a poetic sense, seems over-wrought and played out as a truly useful tool for de-masking the goings on of a pre-supposed “cryptocracy”.  Hey, there are obviously power elites, but this psychodrama theory of Masonic/Rosicrucian/Jewish origin seems a bit….counterproductive? 

Skilluminati responded:

A delightfully unexpected angle.
I gladly grant permission to reproduce that in full.

So, with no further ado's or a go-go's, here's the beef. 

Originally posted on Skilluminati Research, 27 Nov, 2010

I've been in love with that phrase for years: The Revelation of the Method is not my own invention, but borrowed poetry from the world of conspiracy theory. Although it gets referred to as an actual Masonic concept, it's actually a very recent fabrication from a Catholic "Revisionist Historian" named Michael Hoffman. In his original formulation, the Revelation of the Method is an occult ritual, specifically a "Masonic psychodrama."

Used casually, the implication is always the same: when the Cryptocracy commits major crimes, they will broadcast their intentions in advance, through popular movies and television. Hoffman himself was iffy on the actual order of the process: "it's my contention that these are occult rituals and that like the Rosicrucian Manifestos of the early 17th century they are accompanied by anonymous statements of intent like the original Unabom manifesto, as well as scripts that precede the ritual." Later in the same interview, though, he deviates from his own script: "Look at the movie "The Matrix" in the wake of Columbine. Look at "The Wicker Man" movie in the same time frame as Son of Sam. The themes of the killings are in the movies." Whatever its actual merits, the end result of this theory is pattern recognition in the service of a pre-established conclusion. The Revelation of the Method is how the Illuminati, or the Vatican, or the CIA rub it in our faces.


Of course, Michael A. Hoffman II is also a man who devotes a large portion of his life to questioning the historical veracity of the Nazi Holocaust. He's a religious fundamentalist with weird hobbies, and much like myself, badly in need of an honest editor. I'm not discussing him because he's important or correct on much of anything: he is not. He just happens to be the first source using this particular phrase.

As you might expect, he equates Masonry with Judaism and both with pure pagan Evil, which makes for some eloquent and exquisitely researched nonsense. The evidence boils down to drawing connections between violent crimes and violent media, with no actual chain of causality or conspiratorial links involved. Common themes and overlapping symbols are taken as sufficient proof.
Although this approach is similar to the recent "Synchromysticism" movement [I would argue it's pretty much exactly the same, but that quibble is certainly open to debate. --Daurade], it's important to note that the more grounded minds in that field reject Hoffman outright. When Christopher Knowles from the (outstanding) project The Secret Sun addressed The Revelation of the Method, he was blunt enough to bear repeating:

"First of all, there is no such thing as "Revelation of the Method," it's a speculative concept coined by a extreme-right conspiracy theorist and has no basis in esoteric history or doctrine. Second, I have no interest in talking to people who automatically identify ancient mythological symbols with conspiracy or evil. I'm talking to open-minded people who are looking for a deeper narrative in all of this." -- source link


Christian and Conspiratainment commentators who take on the weighty topic of Hegelian Synthesis usually present it as something invented, an intellectual technology that was unleashed upon the world. Actually, Hegel was diagnosing a pre-existing condition of the human species. The endless iterations of Thesis and Anti-Thesis stretch back throughout the history of human culture. It is a binary trap that has always shaped us: East and West, victors and victims, war and peace. Us and them.  [Not quite sure I agree here, but for the parts of this post which I am interested in, it's not critically relevant.  Plus, I haven't read Hegel in 20+ years.  --Daurade ]

Carl Fucking Jung

"History is a nightmare from which we are trying to awaken." It's a great quote, pure poetry, but I can't get with that particular Thesis, when I really think about it. Humans are incredibly adaptable creatures, our brains are robust sense-making machines, and that's how we quickly come to view these nightmares as normal. History is normal days just like this one. "Business as Usual" is exactly what we need to get involved with. You know, just like the Socialists did.


On the Conspiratainment front, as always, we find a new set of answers. In the Infowars archives, the "Revelation of the Method" is a college essay by Hillary Clinton about the work of political realist Saul Alinsky. Alinsky, much like George Soros, has recently achieved Bond Villian Status in the cosmology of popular Mormon/JBS theorist Glenn Beck. Alinsky is the author of "Rules for Radicals," an explicit guide to achieving and exercising power in the tradition of The Prince, The Arthashastra and The Art of War.


Alinsky is worth being afraid of. He is clearly far sharper than any of the conservative propagandists, because in recent years they've simply stolen his material verbatim and re-named it "Rules for Patriots." (Matt Kibbe, you are lazy as fuck.) Besides, no matter what Hillary Clinton thought about Alinsky in College, she got further illuminated during the 1990's orchestrating the push for Health Care reform. Hillary wasn't cynical enough yet, she couldn't process how easily the American electorate could be motivated to become activists against their own interests. Pretty soon, she was talking about "a vast Right wing conspiracy," too. It was documented in a 331 page portfolio of clippings and connections titled "The Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce."

Take America Back | Glenn Beck | LMFAO

It's catching. The most remarkable thing about Conspiracy apophenia, to an amoral free agent like myself, is that it's distinctly contagious. Once infected, we always tend toward greater certainty. This is not lost on Michael Hoffman himself, who proclaims: "Give me two hours with any group of average intelligence and I'll have them reading twilight language and decoding occult rituals for the rest of their lives." I see no reason to doubt him.


Of course, Hoffman himself is a Catholic, a willing subject of the single most successful occult conspiracy in the known history of mankind. The Catholics, it should be noted, are the exact reason why the Freemasons and the Perfectibilists were "secret societies" in the first place: because of vulgarians like Tertullian, Torquemada, or Michael Hoffman. Men who could look at Sacred geometry and basic science, the very language of nature, and see only Satanic evil. Men who would torture and murder for the glory of God's Love. [I think this is a bit harsh on Hoffman, whose rhetoric, though strident, if not seething, doesn't seem  advocate violence; I could be wrong, but I see Hoffman someone who would rather convince with words rather than torture. --Daurade] It's pathetic. And it's catching.


Then again...it doesn't exactly help that Saul Alinsky dedicated Rules for Radicals to Satan Himself: "Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history... the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer." You can imagine what the NWO fighters make of a quote like that, but to me, it doesn't read like Sympathy for the Devil...it's more like a sly curse. Perhaps Alinsky was winking at young idealists who are charging headfirst down a road paved with good intentions? Che and Lenin both come to mind, for essentially opposite reasons.


It's not like Socialism has a monopoly on horrifying unintended consequences. In fact, human history teaches something far bleaker: every formalized system of government we've created has been perfectly capable of facilitating mass murder, class warfare and repressive regimes. Conspiracy critics like Michael Hoffman allow themselves the luxury of a solution, an answer, a promised land. An honest study of reality allows for no such sentimentality, and recognizes that the only way out of Hell is through it. This is where we stand in the modern world, and no amount of symbolic connections and "Twilight Language" is going to change these naked facts of our condition. Finger-pointing is a cop out. It is not sufficient to merely expose or destroy the Freemasons: it also falls upon us to replace them.

[Full disclosure:  I am a Freemason, so I hope Skilluminati is merely rhetorically directing this to the "NWO fighters" as an example of what they should be working on if they are serious about their mission, not what people as a whole should be working towards! --Daurade]


We don't have to look far for real life examples of power elites committing crimes out in the open, and sneering at the general public every step of the way. It's technically known as the Banking industry and they have been stepping up their game dramatically over the past two decades. More audacious and socially destructive than any "occult ritual crime," the spectacular theft of American wealth by a privileged few has been conducted in plain sight, documented through sober PBS documentaries and bestselling books. These are crimes everybody knows about, yet nobody seems to have the power to stop them.

Why can't the Revelation of the Method be about the actual science of social control? Movies and mass murder is such a tiny, schizoid slice of the entire spectrum of control that shapes our waking lives. Fields like political science and sociology have mostly been philosophy and horseshit, but in recent years they've been able to get ahold of serious data -- sufficient "Big Picture" numbers to start recognizing patterns instead of merely creating theories. The kind of headlines that emerge are grimly predictable but undeniably important: "Low incomes make poor more conservative, study finds" or "UT Professor: Economic Inequality is Self-Reinforcing" or more cheerful material like "The Poverty Trap: Why the Poor Pay More."


"Lee had a great knack to visualize. His whole thing was wedges and magnets. What pulls people apart...and what attracts people? You find ways to bring people to you, and ways to divide the people who are against you. This was his bottom line practical theory." -- Richard McBride

I would like to create a Revelation of the Method that functions as real Political Science, something to replace a field which is currently neither Political nor Scientific. As it stands, it's history, with no science involved, and far too little discussion about actual politics -- the technical details of the ongoing Cold War known as Everybody vs. Everybody Else.


There will always be an eye in the pyramid. The human race is a global superorganism managed by a self-selected Elite, thousands of competing and conflicting conspiracies. The goal of Skilluminati Research is to encourage active engagement instead of opposition and resistance...or as Graham Summer observed: "If you live in a country run by committee, be on the committee." I'm not talking about "Democracy" so much as the whole corrupted and invisible System itself. Money, power, religion and war. We need to be engaging with it, because there is no question of working outside of it -- that's a rhetorical flourish, a concept that exists only on paper. Here in the flesh and blood, bombs and bullets, money and food Real World, the System is everywhere at once and consumes all that it touches.

The most dangerous thing about excuses is that they're technically true. There's not much difference between Democrats and Republicans, there's not many avenues to exercise our power safely, and there's way too many problems to deal with simultaneously, it's all true. There's not much hope for the forces of peace. It's also true that all human innovation happens in that tiny space between "not much" and "nothing" -- because we are powerful, and tiny differences will be enough to enact huge changes. Remember, you only ever need 51% of the vote...and best of all, actual voters are already a minority to begin with.


Mark Meckler, the datamining and direct sales guru who created the Tea Party Patriots, has a 40 year plan. Over the weekend of October 2nd, 2010, he got to give a sales pitch the Council for National Policy, asking for a head start on the $100 million dollars it will cost to save America. His "in" was Gary Aldrich, who now sits on the board of TPP. Meckler claims to have 20 million email addresses and he's clearly stated his goals: "Tea Party Patriots plans to convert sixty percent or more of the population to support our core values of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets."

I know: Braindead horseshit. This frat boy has a 40 year plan, though.

Do we?


* * * *

Coda:  Daurade here.  Like I said in my letter to Skilluminati, I find synchromysticism to be a poetic game of sorts.  When I play it--and I apologize because this sounds terribly pretentious--I tend to think of it as an exercise in mapping both symbols and my own mind.  There is something out there--a shared reality--but I feel like I'm also uncovering something inside me.  A synchromystic "analysis" has different nuances for each individual, as the connections we make are reflections of our own obsessions, the coincidences reflect our own perceptions and what is "important" reflects our own prejudices.  It can be fun and playful, and some synchromystics are quite good at the game.  Da Black Whole and Aferrismoon are clever wordsmiths, with outrageous puns, a wide range and a sense of humor.  I used to read them regularly.

If you want to play, a broad knowledge of pop culture and the the humanities is essential.  Familiarity with the Bible, Freemasonry, religion and the occult are likewise fairly important areas of knowledge.  Even though I regularly feel I've played out the exercise to its logical conclusion, I still come across essays like this one which remind me why I started doing it:  There's a lot of fun it it and our conclusions are not really the point.  What is ultimately interesting is the process.  Synchromysticism is not an accumulated body of knowledge, but a type of exegesis.

For a while, every time I went off on a synchromystic bender, I'd run across something by Loren Coleman on his blog Twilight Language and I thus felt compelled to contact him.  In this post he answers my question about what he's actually trying to do on his blog.  Why twilight language?  His gracious response marks hims as more of a Fortean than a "conspiracy theorist" and you might find more merit in his approach than in its results (again, looking at the process rather than the product).  His mindset doesn't seem to involve the strident political or social motivation as the "NWO fighters", so I'm not sure if he's a target of Skilluminati's critique of would-be revolutionaries fooling about with symbolic connections and "Twilight Language".  

Coleman's blog was once called The Copycat Effect, however, so at some point he caught the virus.  With nearly 3 million (!) hits on his blog, he, rather than Hoffman, may be the synchromystic virus' (SM-23?) index case.   

Another of Coleman's posts reveals that several years ago he corresponded with Hoffman and one William Grimstad about Downard.  (We also learn that "synchromysticism" was coined in 2006 by Jake Kotze).  In yet another post, Coleman quotes and identifies Grimstad's Weird America (written as "Jim Brandon" in 1978), as one of the urtexts of the synchromystic "movement".  (He refers to Downard, Hoffman and Grimstad as the founding "triad".  Good luck finding Brandon's book, btw, though if you can find one for a reasonable price, I'd love to hear from you).  Coleman must be a much more open-minded guy than I am, because nowhere does he flinch at Hoffman's religious fundamentalism and bigotry, Grimstad's Holocaust denial and neo-Nazi affiliations, Downard's perplexing influential masochistic gibberish or the admittedly Discordian writer Adam Gorightly's general disservice to his subjects.  I know this sounds like I'm smearing Coleman, but this is not the case.  He seems to be saying that this particular branch of esoteric study makes, or made, for strange bedfellows.
Exchanging ideas with Grimstad....all went hand in hand with being a Fortean in the 1960s-1970s, especially if an interest in assassinations and strange suicides fit into the mindset.
He also says:
Downard's modern influence on Forteana, assassination studies, occult symbolism decoding, twilight language research and synchromysticism is so deep that he must be acknowledged as the Godfather to many of the points of view that inhabit those arenas.
Coleman deftly, almost imperceptibly, sidesteps the question of Downard's existence, but he does leave the possibility of his "non-existence" open, which, given the nature of the synchromystic game, might qualify as a brilliant move.  It's certainly appropriate that the godfather of synchromysticism may only be the invention of a couple of obscure anti-Semitic writers with the perplexing complicity of a secular Jewish publisher (Parfrey).  I've always found it odd that Hoffman would allow his work to appear in an anthology of texts, Apocalypse Culture--that includes so much content Hoffman would almost certainly categorize as vile perversion--published by a house which has also published the writings of celebrity/Satanist Anton LaVey (a mythomaniac of impressive proportions).  Not only that, but the two seemed to have some sort of friendship; the Tridentine Catholic....and the card-carrying member of the Church of Satan.  Wouldn't that be a hoot, if the conspiracy theorist extraordinaire was himself a the product of a conspiracy?  A meta-conspiracy?  A joke making fun of the gullible?  An group alter-ego? 

A revelation if you will, of the method?  More, perhaps, like an accumulation of methods.  An artwork in a genre which has been shaped by the workings of the Internets and is turn informing a large share of its culture.  Burroughs, Wilson and Downard have been influencing the fringe for years and now seem to be moving towards the center.  Sad to say, I'm not entirely convinced that's a good thing.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Queens of the Ice Age

As every decent American knows, or should know, Baseball is a kind of elaborately coded symbol for Freemasonry.  I believe this was first revealed by Occam-sharp scholar Randy Lavello, who wrote an article on the topic entitled Occult Symbolism: As American as Baseball (date unknown).

Unfortunately the article is mostly a sad rehash of the usual band of accumulated factoids about the Illumino-Masonic "hell bentery" (Davidson, Tautology by Candlelight, p. 27) regarding world domination.  Yet among the chaff, one may still find some wheat.  This is brilliant poetry: 

Baseball was obviously created by Freemasons, as it bears the unmistakable marks of Freemasonry. The field, from home plate to the left and right field wall forms a compass; the entire outfield wall is the semicircle which this compass draws. Upside-down, overlapping this compass, the bases form the square. Thus, the baseball field is the emblem of Freemasonry. Three strikes and three outs were assigned because three is the principle sacred number of Freemasonry. Four is a number of significance because it represents a square (the shape) and deals with the four directions, thus: four balls, four bases. 

And then, in the immortal words of the King of Siam:  "Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera."  Or, as the "Free-Mason" might cry into the four dark corners of the Lodge Room, its floor a checkered field of play: 

"Owa Tagoo Siam!"  

(Say that, three, five or seven times aloud and see what happens).

At the climax of the sex-rituals conducted in such places: 

"Shāh māt!" (شاه مات):  "The King is Helpless." 

Lavello concludes:  This further explains the near obsession with numbers surrounding baseball averages, home runs, ERA’s, etc. It is truly a game for numerologists.  One might even add a game for practitioners of the Assyro-Babylonian system known as gematria, which so enthralls Kabbalists steeped in the Mishnah and Talmud. 

Needless to say the baseball bat is the lingam (लिङ्गं,) and the glove, the yoni (योनि).  Hand in Glove?

Baseball isn't the only sport used by the Illumino-Masonic conspiracy to indoctrinate us through dazzling veils of numbers and distraction.  Freemason Neil Laird (Kneel, Lord!) details the early "links" between the Craft and Golf.  Somewhere along the line these "links" will undoubtedly lead us to sausages and shirt cuffs, but for now, let it suffice to say that yes, early golf clubs (the social organization and not the tool) had their origins in Masonic Lodges.  As a Tiler might ask a suspected cowan (but not a Cohen (כֹּהֵן)):  "Are you on, or off?"  Links in a chain like the cars of the Express Kundalini, links in a chain chugging through the same cross-referential mirror-system in which the chain is the cable-tow, the serpent around the spinal column and the rod of Aesculapius.  And more. The un-schooled hobo gives the bull the wrong response and is sent hurtling off into the speeding darkness. 

But the Masons have a tool to revelate the method even more insidious than Twilight Language, Lady Gaga or Sports.


You may have heard of A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman's brilliant takedown of Frozen (Feb. 2014): 

The gay agenda to normalize homosexuality is woven into Disney's movie Frozen not just as an underlying message - it is the movie. 

She discusses some of what I will extrapolate upon in this post; what she glosses over, however, is the snowman.  I pegged that dude as gay from the moment he first opened his swishy mouth.  A discussion at Film Colossus tries to answer the question: Is Olaf, the snowman, in "Frozen", gay?  No one actually seems to be discussing it though, which proves that there is no need to discuss it.

Let's start with the name of the snow golem:  Olaf.  An anagram for "Loaf".  This brings us immediately back to golf and baseball, hours of which are televised and broadcast across the planet in order to ensnare the idle spectator.  Lulled into a lazy hypnotic state in which the "imprintability [sic] of Masonry's numerological symbolism can be facilitated and homosexuality inscribed behind the eyelids, the dark side of the liminal"  (Ronson, The Nine-Inning Ritual, p. 72).

"Olaf" also a palindrome:  Falo.  As in "phallus" or "fellatio."  Is it any surprise that in one scene of Frozen, "Falo's" penis-like carrot nose ends up in the grinning mouth of the male reindeer, Sven? (A clear allusion to "seven"--yet another Masonic programming number).

The Masonic invention of sport and structured "loafing" given homage in the name "Olaf" is like totally, I mean so over-the-toply revelated in the following cartoon.  Dig this evil bit of mind-fuckery:

Have the masons no shame?  They're waving this stuff in our faces like a cock bulging in leather Speedos at a Gay Pride parade.  Clearly these phallus-nosed monstrosities with "frozen" hearts are lures to "reel in" children (no coincidence the word applies both to fishing and film).  Illuminist psy-ops experts used the love of adorable snowmen in Frozen to encourage "loafing" and "fellatio" and then had the gall to joke about it in a homoerotic cartoon with genocidal symbolism.  Look at the lower left of the pyramid:  KAR.  K.A.R.

Kill.  All.  Religion. 

Wake up sheeple!  Before you know it they'll have your children spitting on the cross and buggering one another like Knights Templar.  Led to the gay bar in (trance-) formation by the cable-tow!  Those who cannot be converted will be led instead to the killing fields.  Blood is thicker than water and the evil tree bears fetid "fruits."

Speaking of Templars, both Walter (meaning "rule" or "warrior") Elias (אליהו, Eliyahu, meaning "Yahweh is my God") Disney and Mickey (as in "slip someone a") Mouse were members of DeMolay.  DeMolay is a Masonic youth organization (for male youths aged 12 to 21--again with the mirrors) named after the leader of the "heretical, sodomitical [sic] Knights Templar known today as Freemasons" (Werther, Baphomet's Sucklings, p. 9).  About Jacques (Jock) DeMolay himself, noted web board poster StarLandVocalBand mentions that, "the least sympathetic [Non-Masonic historians] portray him as a power-hungry, bloodthirsty pedophile."  DeMolay, or Demon lay?  Disney's roots are in French soil; he was descendant of one Robert d'Isigny, reputed lover of William the Conqueror.  During the First World War, Disney would contrive to "return" to France, homeland of Jacques DeMolay, at the tender age of 17.

DeMolay, "the boy-love Internationale" (McCaw, Sinarchy, p. 13), programmed Walt Disney, Cathy O'Brien-like, with Masonic and Templar ideals from a young age, which helps explain why Disney ("On your Dis knees, boy!"), created Club 33 in the heart of Disneyland.  33 is the highest degree of Scottish Rite Masonry, which in America derives its cult practices and dogma from one Albert Pike, Confederate general and admitted Luciferian.  The highest six degrees of this Rite--including the 33rd--are Templar Degrees:  "Conferred only by the Supreme Council, 33°, the Degree of Inspector General is a Templar degree throughout, in both substance and symbolism" (here).  The final body of the York Rite is known as a Commandery and is comprised of three Templar orders and one degree.  Independent of both of these Rites, Templar Preceptories award yet three more degrees.  The Rite of Memphis (1838) was a blend of  Templarism, alchemy and Egyptian occultism.  It merged with the Rite of Misraïm (pre-1738) in 1881; the resulting The Rite of Memphis-Misraïm exists to this day.

Masonry is not only at the heart of Disneyland, but of all Disney productions.  A club hidden in one of the most visited parks in the world, hidden in plain sight, is a metaphor for a club hidden at the heart of the world and a message hidden at the heart of its propaganda.  All the better to implant their message at the liminal line between consciousness and unconsciousness.  Club 33 is the only place in the park where alcohol is freely served, just as early Lodges first met in taverns and were infamous dens of drunkenness.  And in the Middle Ages, "Drunk as a Templar" was a common phrase.  The club's name refers to the 33rd degree of Freemasonry, but also to the 33 sponsors of Disneyland when the park opened; one look and you'll see this represents a cross-section of America's most powerful companies.

Perhaps this is also why two popular Disney Rides, Pirates of the Caribbean and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, are, as former Church of Satan High Priest Boyd Rice points out, symbolic voyages of death and resurrection, like Masonic ritual. 

"Shāh māt!" (شاه مات):  "The King is Helpless."

See Children’s shows are exploding with hidden penises (LoS 10 Aug. 2013) for an introduction to a less veiled glorification of numerology in Disney's Donald in Mathmagic Land.

In Frozen, Olaf the snowman will never melt; he has his own personal climate, a control over nature that allows him to defy the effects of heat and time.  This is the ultimate goal of Freemasonry.  Immortality (immorality), with no more need to procreate and thus no real need for women:  an occult agenda which will encourage men, no longer subservient to the dictates of nature and biology, to become homosexuals.

The doctrine of mastery over nature is in full praxis in the construction of the city park, nature brought to leash....or cable-tow.  It's no coincidence that baseball, our numerological ritual, is played in a park.  Progress and mastering nature were major themes in the 19th-century zeitgeist, a result of the same Enlightenment ideals most perfectly embodied in Illumino-Masonic doctrine.  The first park built for the public is Princes (Disny films are rife with princes) Park in Liverpool, built on land purchased by Richard Vaughan Yates.  Yates is memorialized in the park by an obelisk that describes Yates as "Enlightened." So very Masonic.  So very phallic.  And to top it off, it's a water fountain.  One bends over before an enormous penis and drinks deeply from the fluid which shoots out when the "knob" is turned.  One isn't drinking from Farrah's faucet here; this is Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve.  In the mirror language we've previously mentioned, it's worth noting that the first verbal exchange on the planet was a pair of palindromes:

"Madam, I'm Adam".

Back to Frozen.  Olaf is a flamboyant swish, but the other male figures are also homosexual.  First we have the the villain, Hans ("John", or a whore's customer), a Lothario who feigns to have feelings for Anna (a name meaning "Grace" in Hebrew, as in God's grace).  Hans' false feelings for Anna are such that he's willing to let her die in order to assume power.  Through his actions, Hans rejects women and God's grace simultaneously.  Kristoff, the rustic, was raised outside of normal society, among hermaphroditic trolls and anthropomorphized animals.  The film not only tries to legitimize this queer world but valorizes it above and beyond the normal, i.e. straight world!  Kristoff (Christ-off!) also rejects God because of his unnatural communion with the reindeer Sven.  He is shown serenading the animal to sleep before they share a bed.  "Sven" is the origin of the world "swain"--a young servant boy!  Masculinity is further undermined by to total inutility of Kristoff's profession:  he is an ice seller in a world of permanent winter.  He is redundant, impotent and unnecessary.

What about the female characters?  The homosexual thread marking our voyage through the labyrinth begins with the Queen.  Elsa (from the Hebrew for "My God is an oath") has shut out all suitors--a thorough rejection of men.  She is an Ice Queen, an expression we often use to describe a woman who has, like Elsa, shut out  all love and warmth from her heart, especially for men.  Incidentally, a "snow queen" is a gay black male who favors white partners, especially Nordic types!  The latter half of Frozen is built around the attempts of Christ-off to reunite with Anna, (Grace), so that she, and he, may be saved.  This is described as an act of "pure love".  Saved?  Pure Love?  This is clearly a reference to Christ's role as our savior.  But the act of pure love never occurs, because for ersatz Antichrist Christ-off,  "grace" remains frozen to his touch, dead.  The movie manipulates the viewer into thinking that Anna will be revived by Kristoff's kiss.  But no.  It is Elsa, her God an oath, who saves Anna in an incestuous act of lesbianism made all the more vile by it's cloak of innocence. 

Frozen, regaled by many critics as one of Disney's best recent films, has its origin in an aborted biography of  Hans "Christian" Anderson.  The real Anderson had a history of falling in love with unattainable women, frozen to him so to speak, so that he never actually had to get together with one.  In life, he seem to have expressed more desire for men.  Is it any surprise that so many Disney films are based on Anderson's work?  The Disney world is one of talking animals, "bromances" and the normalization of eccentric and deviant behavior, of accepting those who are "different".

The Mormon I referred to a the beginning of this post lady is right.  To use the revelator words of Pink ("gay") Floyd bassist Roger ("sodomy") Waters, we are being "amused to death".  From the mincing and singing homos of Frozen to the homosocial domain of sport, from snowmen to the Georgia Guidestones (see population control), we are being programmed to accept the "sterility ideal" of a Malthusian zoo, one big Grand Lodge watched over by what Richard Brautigan ironically called "machines of loving grace".  No need to sterilize, no need to cull, when the park animals are programmed to into homosexuality.

*                *                *                *

I hope that at some point, preferably from the get-go, you realized this post is a joke.

What you've just read is not the post I intended to write and it kind of mutated into what it is as I was writing it.  Which is just a fancy way to say I made it all up as I went along.  Hence the abrupt and rather nonsensical transition from sport into a discussion of Frozen.  I was being ironic, but not sarcastic, which can be a thin line.  I wasn't making fun of people who might see a gay agenda in this film.  This might sound ingenuous, but it's true.  I was pretty much just goofing around in a Downard-esque mode and poking fun at synchromysticism.

While it's not something directed by decree from the offices of GLAAD, I think it's fair to say there is something of a homosexual agenda in Hollywood.  Like the military is a bastion of conservatism, Hollywood is by and large a liberal sector of society.  A Hollywood villain may actually have some likable qualities, but if they really want to portray an incorrigible baddie, writers make the villain a racist, or a homophobe.  Discrimination against homosexuals is generally attacked and gay characters are portrayed as sympathetic.  I don't know if this qualifies as an orchestrated "agenda" but it does demonstrate a kind of solidarity between the Hollywood and the gay community.  Stating this does not imply a criticism of those efforts.  On the contrary, as far as I even care about the issue, I wince at anti-gay slurs and support the legislative efforts to legitimize civil unions, marriage or otherwise, secure rights for homosexual partners and allow gay couples the right to adopt.  In music, cinema and on TV, the trend is clear:  homophobia is seen as cruel and petty, while acceptance of homosexuality is lauded.  (Hip-Hop culture, for the most part, being the exception to this rule).  I think here of Dallas Buyers Club as a perfect example, in which the crudest homophobe's transformation into a tolerant and compassionate supporter of his homosexual clientele is an important part of the film's message.  In reality, the person depicted in the film was apparently not only not a homophobe, but was himself bisexual.

So maybe fiction is at times stranger than truth, but not always.  I had obviously read about the Mormon woman's theory (without actually reading the entirety of her text) before starting this post.  My post, a fiction, was largely written over two weeks ago, much earlier than when I first saw the following story, which was about a week ago.

Apparently some pastor with a podcast, invariably described as "conservative" or "right wing", denounced Frozen on his show.  Using some of the exact same points I did, this pastor expressed his belief that the film promotes homosexuality....and bestiality to boot.  Hey, I said that too.  But I was joking.

Pastor Kevin Swanson and co-host Steve Vaughn haven't seen the film but have criticized its "progressive" agenda anyway. 

TIME describes it like this:
The two claim that the movie’s Oscar-winning song “Let It Go” is a coming out song, marking the moment when Elsa realizes she was “born that way” and accepts who she is. [The Mormon lady also says this about the song.]  They point out that the fiercely independent Elsa never considers a male suitor and assume she is therefore probably gay. They also say that Jonathan Groff’s character has an “unnatural relationship” with his animal buddy, Sven. All these plot points, they say, open children up to homosexuality and bestiality at a young age. 

The podcast has the following summary:
Did millions of parents and children catch the homosexuality and bestiality reference in the last super popular Disney flick, Frozen? We wonder. Kevin Swanson quotes from a few websites maintained by our liberal friends. They're ecstatic over Disney's directions. But what about Christian parents?
(It appears that first link requires a log-in now, but you can hear the podcast here).
Further context can be found in this transcript, where Swanson describes the film as "evil" and a form of "indoctrination".  Honest, none of this was on my radar when I wrote my own post.

I thought I was just making stuff up.  I actually did get a feeling from this film that the snowman was a vaguely "gay" character, which is probably an indication that I'm falling prey to stereotyping more tahn anything else, but clearly there is some vibe in the film which leads other people to think this as well.  The Mormon woman is real.  Pastor Swanson is real.  The question posed on Film Colossuss (Is Olaf gay?) is real.  And oddly enough, I jokingly wrote about homosexuality and bestiality in Frozen before I'd even heard of Swanson.  My impressions about Olaf's "gay" personality came before I saw the question posed on Film Colossus.  All of which puts me in some odd company.

I don't know if there is a specific "gay-friendly" undercurrent to Frozen, but it is not entirely inconceivable.  Disney films tend to celebrate the underdog, the pauper, the outsider and people (or animals) who are "different".  All of this is a part of Frozen's message.  I don't object, but some people do; they are not on board with the program.

Anyway, I'd vowed at some point to avoid politics and synchromysticism because I either sound too strident or too goofy.  Plus, arguing about politics over the Internet is always a depressing and pointless endeavor.  I've even created another blog (unused for now) to serve as a vehicle for over-the-top, satire-oriented pieces, but eventually decided to place this one LoS.  It does reproduce the methodology of the synchromystic and, as it turns out, just proves the old saw that if you can imagine it, it's already been done.  To have posted this stuff without addressing the fact that someone really believes it would have been impossible, hence this coda that undercuts the question ("Is he for real?") that might have been floating through your head.

On a related note, apparently there's a culture of Disney fans that trying to figure out how to place all the films into space/time continuum of the same universe....